Bible Reportedly Found Unscathed As Fire Razes Shops At Popular Market (Video)

Report has it that a copy of the Holy Bible has reportedly survived a massive

fire outbreak that destroyed properties in a Kente

shop at the popular Odanwa Market in Ghana.

This incident has left eyewitnesses in a state of amazement.

The fire had razed down several shops at the Odawna

Market at Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra on

Wednesday, November 18, destroying goods and personal properties.

Speaking in an interview with Yen, one of the eyewitnesses who discovered the bible, revealed that it was on a table with tons of Kente cloth and money.

According to the man, who is said to be a gateman,

the fire engulfed everything in the shop including all the clothes and the table, but the Holy Bible was found unscathed.

He said,

“What happened at the Odawna Market was a massive disaster but the Bible was able to survive which proves the power in the word of God and the fact that it needs to be regarded with all seriousness.”

Watch the video below,

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